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Sex and money have a lot in common. But today we want to consider the atypical relationship between these two concepts. It is believed that men with a pronounced type of alpha male and high testosterone levels achieve great success in business and career, and have a high financial income. But recently, a group of British scientists published research results that showed an inverse relationship. As it turned out, testosterone does not make men rich, but it is with a high level of income that the state of male sexual health improves.

Trials have shown that poor men have much lower testosterone levels than those with middle or high incomes. During these tests, scientists analyzed the genetic material of more than 306 thousand men of different ages and compared their testosterone levels and income and financial conditions. The results were truly impressive. The vast majority of men with high levels of the male hormone in their blood had large accounts, lived in more prestigious areas, and had a good education. But surprisingly, no relationship was found between high testosterone and career performance. Based on this information, scientists came to the conclusion that it was due to the achievement of certain successes in their careers and business that men managed to improve their level of sexual health and raise their indicators to the maximum.

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