Revamin Lash Ireland


Start taking care of your lashes and enjoy a natural look every day!

  • - strengthens lashes
  • - improves the structure of the lashes
  • - visibly thickens the lashes


Every girl dreams of having beautiful and long eyelashes. Now there are ways to make your eyes more expressive with extensions, false eyelashes, tufts, lamination, botox. But this effect will be temporary and you will have to repeat the procedure over and over again. And dreams of long, thick and, most importantly, natural eyelashes have remained dreams to this day. But do not rush to despair, because a tool has appeared that will help you with this problem.

Revamin Lash - Long & Thick Eyelashes

Serum Revamin Lash for long and thick eyelashes is designed to strengthen the follicles of your eyelashes and help new ones grow. The composition with organic and natural ingredients also includes natural oils that have a beneficial effect on the structure of the hairs. The creators of the formula have refused to use the components most often causing allergies in humans. Also, the manufacturer does not test its products on animals, does not use GMOs or chemicals. This product is easy to apply with a convenient applicator. The serum penetrates deep into the bulb, nourishes it with essential trace elements, and also revitalizes dormant follicles. After such exposure, new eyelashes will appear from them in the future. A small amount of the active substance will last for a long time. The recommended course of application is 3 months. Users note the ease of application, economical consumption, pleasant aroma.

Now in makeup there is a trend towards naturalness, so extended or false eyelashes are no longer relevant. Revamin Lash serum for nourishing and moisturizing eyelashes will help you look natural and effective at the same time. It will be necessary to regularly apply the product during the course and the result will not be long in coming.

Due to the unique consistency of the product, the desired result can be obtained several times faster than using other procedures or methods. You will definitely appreciate all the benefits that this natural complex has.


Today there are already several alternative options that are several times superior to eyelash extensions. I advise my patients to prioritize safer care products, one of which is Revamin Lash to stop eyelash loss. It is a universal growth promoter capable of restoring the natural function of the follicle without harm to the skin and without the use of synthetic raw materials. You will notice an improvement within a few days after you start using it and you can get an additional effect as soon as possible.

Where can I find out Revamin Lash price, buy at the pharmacy?

Due to the security policy of the manufacturer of this product, the sale is carried out exclusively through the official website. You can Revamin Lash Ireland order by leaving a request on the seller's page right now.