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  • - Absorbs fat, turning it into energy
  • - Removes toxins from the body
  • - Suppresses appetite and gives energy


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am 38 years old. In this review, I want to share my experience with Black Latte dietary supplement for weight loss. Until recently, I was 250 lbs and it was terrible. Every visit to the store was a real challenge for me, because it was very difficult to find clothes of the right size. I have never had long relationships with men, because women like me do not attract male attention. I was wildly complex because of excess weight and tried to find a suitable way to get rid of it. Leafing through a story on Instagram, I accidentally saw an advertisement for Black Latte for Fat Burning coal coffee. The description stated that this product helps to lose up to 50 lbs in 1 month. Naturally, I did not believe such promises, but the desire to try this coffee arose. I decided to order a test bottle and try it on myself.

Black Latte - Slimming Product

After completing the application on the website, the manager called me and asked to clarify the delivery address. I indicated my zip code and after 5 days the package was delivered. I must say right away that the courier did not know what was inside the package. There were no identifying symbols or inscriptions on the packaging. Inside the jar was a mixture of a charcoal shade with a characteristic coffee scent. Before the first use, I carefully read the instructions and followed all the manufacturer's recommendations. Poured 2 teaspoons of the mixture with hot water and let it brew for 5 minutes. It tastes a lot like regular coffee, but there are no headaches or heartaches afterwards. After the first cup, I did not feel any reaction and once again thought that this was another deception.

Useful properties of BlackLatte

Nevertheless, I decided to take the full course and was not mistaken! Approximately 48 hours after the first application, BlackLatte slimming product showed itself for the first time. I got on the scale and saw an amazing change - 245 lbs. And this despite the fact that I did not go in for sports these days and did not limit myself in diet. I got additional motivation, because for the first time in a long time, the results got off the ground. I bought a subscription to a fitness center, removed all sweet, flour and high-calorie foods from the diet. Continued to take charcoal coffee for 28 days. Final Result: -38 lbs. At the same time, my shortness of breath, poor health and apathy disappeared. Additional vigor and activity appeared, the feeling of hunger disappeared.

Black Latte price, buy at the pharmacy:

Compared to its closest competitors, the price of coal coffee is much cheaper. Moreover, the product can be drunk without any restrictions and is not afraid of withdrawal syndrome. If you want Black Latte UK order, I recommend using only the official vendor's website that I personally verified. I will attach a link to it at the top of this review to make it easier for you to find a seller.