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More than 65% of women at different ages face the problem of cystitis. This disease occurs as a result of a variety of external and internal factors, has unpleasant symptoms and is difficult to treat. Official statistics show that more than 25% of women have cystitis at least 5-6 times during their life, and for many, this disease becomes chronic.

Doctors warn! Bladder inflammation cannot go away on its own! When the first signs of cystitis appear, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and undergo a course of treatment.

The main symptoms of cystitis:

  • - Frequent visits to the toilet.
  • - A burning sensation and pain on awakening.
  • - Extraneous discharge during urination.
  • - Urinary incontinence.
  • - Increased body temperature.
  • - Discomfort during sex.

The main causative agent of cystitis is an infection that has entered the genitourinary system. In 80% of cases, the inflammatory process is caused by the action of the bacteria Escherichia Coli. Most often this happens when the rules of intimate hygiene are not followed, during sex without a condom, when the body is hypothermic or the immunity is weakened.

Despite the wide range of anti-cystitis drugs, many women cannot find an effective treatment. Recently, Cyto Forte capsules for cystitis treatment went on sale.

CytoForte - Capsules For Cystitis Treatment

This product has gained widespread popularity in Europe and has proven to be one of the most useful in applications. Thanks to the correctly selected concentration of beneficial vitamins and herbal extracts, the capsules instantly eliminate all symptoms of cystitis, have an antibacterial effect and relieve the inflammatory process. CytoForte remedy for inflammation of the bladder Developed by professional experts and clinically tested. The food additive contains no harmful impurities or chemical additives.

CytoForte ingredients: cranberry extract, chamomile extract, B vitamins, zinc, vitamin E and many other beneficial ingredients. All substances have a synergistic effect and enhance each other's active properties.

Let's see CytoForte order:

  • - The inflammatory process decreases.
  • - It has an antibacterial effect on E. coli infection and viruses.
  • - The muscles of the urogenital canal are toned and control over urination is resumed.
  • - Increases blood flow, decreases the inflammatory process.
  • - The protective function of the mucous membrane is restored.
  • - The vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms is suppressed and healthy antibodies are produced.

CytoForte for urinary incontinence is highly regarded by experts and professionals. We asked for an assessment of well-known specialists in our country and this is the answer received:

Cystitis is a disease that cannot be ignored. I always tell my patients that in addition to personal hygiene, it is very important to help the body suppress the activity of E. coli. Many women cannot take antibiotics, so natural supplements remain the only effective solution for them. I recommend CytoForte buy at the pharmacy because this product is highly effective without harming the digestive system. Within 1 month of treatment with this remedy, most of my patients were able to get rid of the symptoms of cystitis and return to a full life.

Look at the CytoForte photo original packaging and don't use analogues. This product is guaranteed to help you eliminate bladder inflammation at home without painful procedures, without antibiotics, and without side effects.

Clinical results confirmed that 97.5% of women who took the capsules during the recommended course improved overall health, pain and uncontrolled urination disappeared. They were able to return to a full sex life and were completely satisfied with the treatment results. The sale of CytoForte UK started for the first time this year. This formula has already helped millions of women in Europe and around the world, so you should try it.

Useful properties of CytoForte

Directions for use: take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at bedtime. Continue taking the dietary supplement for 30 days. Please note that one package contains 20 capsules, therefore, to complete the full course, you must buy 3 packages at once. When ordering a 30-day course, you save up to 50%. At the moment, CytoForte price is very profitable, which means you can get a good result. The nutritional supplement is available over the counter for older individuals. Before using during pregnancy or lactation, it is recommended to consult a specialist. Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. Do not exceed the manufacturer's daily dosage.

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