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Effectively eliminates parasites!

  • - Eliminates all types of parasites
  • - Completely natural product
  • - Clinically proven effectiveness


Detoxic supplement to get rid of parasites is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to completely rid yourself of health problems and improve the general condition of the immune system in a few days. A unique formula developed by professional nutritionists is one of the most effective non-surgical treatment for helminthiasis. A certified product guarantees an excellent result at home and allows you to fully restore the normal condition of the body without the use of additional drugs or methods.

Detoxic - Antiparasitic Agent

De Toxic antiparasitic agent contains only 100% natural medicinal herbs, so it is not addictive and side effects. With these herbal capsules you can completely get rid of active parasites and destroy the eggs spectrum.

What is included in the product? contains a complex of active ingredients, including celery extract, apple extract, Centella asiatica, Turmeric root extract and many other natural substances. Each of the components has a beneficial effect, and together they carry out a powerful blow to harmful microorganisms. A few days after the start of treatment, you feel an improvement in your health status, and after completing the full course you can forget about the problem forever! The product, which is based on natural ingredients, fully justifies its beneficial properties.

Beneficial features De Toxic

How it works:

  • - Kills up to 99.9% of live helminths at any stage of development.
  • - Destroys eggs of parasites and annelids.
  • - Naturally removes harmful toxins and parasitic waste products from the body.
  • - Strengthens the immune system.
  • - Improves blood circulation.
  • - Restores intestinal microflora.
  • - Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
  • - Eliminates re-infection.
  • - It improves the condition of the whole organism.

Method of application: Take 1-3 capsules per day, depending on the stage of helminthiasis. The duration of the course is 30 days, but if necessary, you can extend it for another 1 month. 

A food supplement is recommended for the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis at any stage. Not a drug. You can get the product without a doctor’s prescription via the Internet. Formula parasite cleanse is one of the best products in its category in the Irish market, but the quantity of stock in stock is limited. The product acts effectively despite the causes of infection with worms.

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