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Muscle gain supplement

  • - 30% increase in testosterone level
  • - faster muscle regeneration after workout
  • - elimination of cramps and muscle tension
  • - increase in strength and higher libido

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To increase muscle mass and physical strength, the male body needs a high level of testosterone and growth hormone. It is very important that your body independently produces these components, and does not receive them in a finished design from the outside. Today, a new sports supplement has appeared on the market that allows you to synthesize the most natural and safe testosterone without harm to health. We present you Somato Drol capsules to gain muscle. This is a 100% herbal formula based on AAKG Arginine, Guarana, Vitamin B12 and Beta Alanine to accelerate muscle growth and burn excess fat. Using this dietary supplement you can achieve the desired result 5-6 times faster than with a regular diet and training. The product is unique in its composition and does not contain any harmful synthetic components. Absolutely all Somatodrol ingredients are of plant origin and do not contain steroids. Thanks to the correct and balanced combination of nutrients, minerals and amino acids, the effect of using this product will surprise even experienced athletes!

Somatodrol - Capsules To Gain Muscle

Somatodrol muscle-building supplement was developed by professional scientists and nutritionists to accelerate the process of muscle tissue anabolism in the athlete's body in a natural way. The product contains the patented GRTH factor formula, which is responsible for increasing the synthesis of testosterone and male growth hormone in the body. In combination with other components, the capsules increase stamina and physical strength, contribute to progress when performing heavy exercises in the gym, and also contribute to accelerated recovery after training. The capsules are so safe that they can be used even by beginners who have never been involved in sports and are just starting their way to achieve a perfect muscular body. With a balanced diet, regular training and the use of this sports supplement, you can increase muscle mass up to 14 kg, burn excess fat up to 15 kg, increase testosterone levels to the maximum permissible value and develop prominent muscles.

Review of a professional bodybuilder:

Last year, I decided to take part in an international bodybuilding tournament. In preparation for the performances, I had to follow a strict diet, exercise hard and increase muscle mass without excess fat. The Doping Board did not allow athletes using steroids, so I was looking for a natural product to increase testosterone levels. My trainer recommended using Somatodrol for weight loss and building muscle. This formula is completely harmless and does not contain prohibited components. Thanks to her, my results significantly increased, I was able to remove excess fat on my stomach and buttocks, as well as increase the size of my biceps and pectoral muscles.

Beneficial Features Somato Drol

We suggest that you verify how it works yourself:

  • - Testosterone levels are higher by 29-35%.
  • - Faster recovery and regeneration of damaged muscle fibers after training.
  • - Increased libido and sexual desire due to the influence of the GRTH factor.
  • - Blocks symptoms of feces and pain on rest days.
  • - Stimulates the production of male growth hormone.
  • - Reduces fatigue and increases energy due to the content of guarana.
  • - Allows you to build lean muscle mass and at the same time burn excess fat.

By looking at the photo Somatodrol photo before and after using this food supplement, it becomes obvious why you need it. This is a comprehensive multi-component product designed specifically for men who want to have a sculptured and muscular body.

Mode of application:

The minimum course is 30 days. During this period, take 1-2 capsules per day and drink plenty of water. In one package there are 60 capsules, which will be enough for a whole month. The full course is 90 days. Please note that when ordering a course for 3 months at Somatodrol price it will be reduced by 50%. The manufacturer claims that his product is absolutely harmless to people over 18 years of age, subject to the daily dose.

Can this product be used in preparation for professional competitions? The product does not contain harmful or steroid components, therefore it is sold absolutely legally and without a prescription. But each sports federation has its own individual rules and regulations, therefore, before using any nutritional supplements, it is recommended to consult with specialists.

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Delivery time Somatodrol USA, UK, Ireland is 3-5 business days. You can send the parcel abroad. The cost and delivery time of the product to other countries is negotiated individually with the manager.