California Body Philippines


It`s time to shape luxurious buttocks!

  • - Maintenance of the muscle tone.
  • - Getting rid of sagging skin, swellings and cellulite
  • - Correction of the size of the buttocks in line with the type of shape


All men evaluate the attractiveness of a woman by her body. Beautiful and elastic ass - this is one of the female "trump cards" that can attract the attention of any guy!

Most modern women are confident that having luxurious and magnificent buttocks is possible only after lengthy workouts in the gym and special diets. But innovative technologies can help achieve the same result, but without much effort. We present to your attention the most popular novelty of 2020 - stimulator hips trainer.

California Body - Buttock Muscle Stimulator

A unique device developed by leading American experts is an ideal option for passive gluteus muscle training. Thanks to the technology of myostimulation and intense muscle contractions, it supports tone and elasticity, burns fat and corrects the size of the buttocks. The device has several modes of operation, each of which is intended for specific purposes product.

Using CaliforniaBody buttock muscle stimulator any girl can achieve a fantastic result 100%! This method is absolutely safe and has no particular contraindications (except for people with pacemakers). The compact size allows you to always take the device with you on a trip, to work or on vacation. Intuitive control modes and special training programs developed by professional specialists guarantee the effect from the first days of use. With this tool, achieving good results is much easier.

Beneficial features CaliforniaBody

Why millions of girls all over the world choose California Body buttock electric stimulator:

  • - The best solution for the correction and tightening of the gluteal muscles.
  • - Can wear tight clothing and bikinis.
  • - More attention from the opposite sex.
  • - Does not require high loads and heavy training in the gym.
  • - Helps save time and money.
  • - Suitable for women at any age.
  • - Eliminates cellulite and sagging skin.
  • - Helps to again feel sexy and attractive.

How it works? You need to choose one of 15 programs depending on the planned results. Thanks to the universal U-shape, the simulator is ideally fixed on the buttocks and the effect on certain muscle groups. Just a few minutes a day will replace your gym workout hours. You can watch TV while lying on the couch or spend time with your family while the device is working. Try this tool and see its effectiveness!

Price, buy in a pharmacy:

Electric muscle stimulator is a new product on the market in our country, so finding the original California Body Philippines in free sale is not easy. You will not be able to buy this device in pharmacies or in sporting goods stores. But then you have the opportunity to order it online and receive it with home delivery in 5 days.