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Quickly normalizes the work of the prostate and improves erectile function!

  • - Effective for any forms of prostatitis
  • - Antibacterial action
  • - No side effect


The male body faces serious challenges when it is over 40 years old. Changes in basic functions and internal processes in conjunction with external factors can cause characteristic health problems. This primarily concerns the prostate and sexual function. This publication will be useful for all men who want to maintain their sexual health at any age and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of prostatitis without pills and without surgery. provides you with a detailed overview of the latest in the market for nutritional supplements for men - ActiPotens prostatitis capsules. At the end of 2020, this product became the leader of various European ratings and was highly praised by leading urologists in more than 25 countries.

ActiPotens - Product For Prostatitis

The prostate is one of the most important genitals in the male body. It is directly involved in important processes. The functions of the prostate gland are based on the secretion of a special substance, which is the main component in the composition of sperm. In addition, it is the prostate that plays the role of a kind of valve that blocks the exit from the bladder during a man’s sexual erection. In youth, the prostate functions without problems and has a normal size, but after 30 years its activity may be impaired. The main factors that provoke inflammation and enlargement of the prostate are a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, low testosterone, old age and so on. With inflammation of the prostate gland, a man experiences extremely unpleasant sensations - pain, burning, frequent urination, erectile dysfunction. ActiPotens product for prostatitis is one of the most effective nutritional supplements that can help you defeat this disease on your own and very quickly. You will be very pleased with the results of applying this formula. Now, having sex 3, 4, or even 5 times a day will be possible!

How it works:

The beneficial effect is based on the use of the natural extract of Tribulus terrestris. This is a component that has the natural properties of an aphrodisiac and helps to increase sexual erection in men at any age. The capsules also contain a combination of plant vitamins and minerals that stimulate the prostate, eliminate inflammation and have an antibacterial effect. From the very first days of capsule use, many users experience a marked improvement in urination and increased erectile function. Capsules gradually return the prostate to its normal size, relieve painful symptoms and restore sexual health to men even at 60-75 years old beneficial!


«I am a doctor and for more than ten years I have been treating patients who suffer from prostatitis and impotence. Many of them do not agree to a humiliating prostate massage or other painful procedures, so they are asked to find a safer and more convenient solution to the problem. I recommend using natural Acti Potens for erectile dysfunction capsules, which help to instantly eliminate the symptoms of prostate inflammation and increase libido. In 98% of cases, after 4 weeks of using the food supplement, a noticeable improvement in health is observed, problems with prostatitis and other unpleasant sensations disappear. This is confirmed by photo before and after treatment.»

Useful properties of Acti Potens

Ingredients is the main secret to the success of these capsules. They contain a 100% natural formula from the plant extract of Tribulus terrestris. This component is often used for athletes who want to increase testosterone levels, physical strength and endurance, as well as all men over 40 to maintain sexual health.

Beneficial features:

  • - Antibacterial effect.
  • - Increased sexual erection.
  • - Elimination of inflammation and restoration of prostate function.
  • - Extension of sexual intercourse, multiple orgasms.
  • - Increased libido and psychological confidence.
  • - An increase in testosterone production by 150%.
  • - Prevents nightly urination, pain and burning in the urethra.

In 2020, clinical trials were conducted in the United States to study the beneficial property of Tribulus terrestris. The study involved 210 men who volunteered to take capsules with this extract to increase sexual erection. After 30 days of daily therapy, more than 86% reported a positive effect. This is one of the most natural and safe ways to get rid of prostatitis, as well as restore sexual function for any man.

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